Thu Oct 10, Cozy Mysteries:                    Maia Brown-Jackson
Tue Oct 15, Post-Apocalyptic Lit:            Tori Borengasser, Ruby Zhao
Thu Oct 17, Slipstream Fiction:               Bea Malsky, Cindy Dapogny
—                Fanfiction:                               Emily Nordlin
Tue Oct 22, Boring Fiction:                      Derek Tsang
Thu Oct 24, Network Fiction:                   Ellen Kladky, Eric Thurm
Tue Oct 29, Web Series:                           Franklin Liu, Taylor Brogan
Thu Oct 31, Netflix Television:                Lindsey Simon, Jackson Oakley
Tue Nov 5, Virtual Worlds:                       Michelle Lee, Brian Green
—                Magic Realism:                        Ranjodh Dhaliwal
Tue Nov 12, RTS Games:                         Jan Tabaczynski, Kalil Smith-Nuevelle
Thu Nov 14, Alternate Reality Games:    Scarlett Kim, Rachel Lazar
Tue Nov 19, Survival Horror Games:     Colin Low, Katelyn Muenck
Thu Nov 21, Locative Literature:            Daniel Friesen, Jennifer Dou
Tue Nov 26, Iyashikei Manga:                  Zach Upton-Davis


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